Farewell to our Weatherman: Bob Introne Passes Away

An Unexpected Loss Long-time NER member, well known throughout the region, Bob Introne passed away unexpectedly while traveling on Monday, October 11, 2021. A SCCA member for over 40 years, Bob started flagging turns in the 1970's. He quickly fell in love with SCCA motorsports and recruited many of his friends, establishing a corner working crew called The Road Runners. This team of flaggers became famous in the 70's throughout the St. Louis region, slapping their stickers on cars that visited their stations. He eventually obtained his competition license in a SRF, then moved from the corners to race control as a steward. He signed off on hundreds of novice logbooks and was instrumental in the development of many more drivers. Due to his years of service in the Air Force as a Chief Meteorologist for shuttle launches and DoD projects, Bob was always the region's go-to Weatherman for what to expect during race weekends. But his impact on the region extended far beyond whether drivers would race on wet or dry tires. Leadership was at his core. And through the decades, he stepped up to guide the direction and promote the growth of the [...]

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NER.org Gets a New Look

NER.org Gets Updated After months of planning and work, the New England Region is excited to unveil a new look to NER.org. After the successful launch of Pit Talk as a digital publication (Pittalk.org) four years ago, the region board of directors believed that the NER site was due for an update and rebranding that would integrate seamlessly with the growing Pit Talk site. "We're so excited to reveal the new website to the membership," announced Abhi Ghatak, Region Executive. "The team has worked hard on this design. The new site is clean and modern, making it easy for people to find the information they need." As part of the discussions, creating defined roles and goals for each site was key. NER.org would act as the marketing arm of the region - a way to reach new members with the basic information on what the club does and how to get involved, while Pit Talk would act as the engagement arm between the region and active members. Bringing Everything Together As part of this process, the region transferred the site hosting and control away from the SCCA National office [...]

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2021 Racing Against Leukemia Region Events

Here is a quick rundown of what is happening across each program in the New England Region to raise funds and awareness for the UMass Memorial Medical Center as part of our annual Racing Against Leukemia (RAL) fundraiser. Donate Online Here Autocross August 1 RAL AutoX Devens Airfield Register Here Jeff Gordon Challenge The Solo program will be collecting donations at the event, or contributions can be made online. The top fundraisers will compete in the Jeff Gordon Challenge. Make Online Donations Here Virtual iRace August 5 To enter the race, a minimum donation of $10 is required. The winner of the race as well as the two largest fund raisers will receive a free autocross entry. Schedule: Practice at 7PM Qualifying at 8PM - 10 minutes, single car Three races of 15 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes We will be using the full spread of GT3 cars at Watkins Glen Boot. Please join the NER SCCA Sim Racing group where we will post all of the event details and updates. If you are not a member of our Discord server yet, please join here if you have [...]

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Electrified Vehicle Advisory Committee

With the growth of electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads, and auto manufacturers announcing commitments to move significantly in that direction, SCCA has formed an EV Advisory Committee. The committee has a quick survey for members to complete on their current ownership, use, and plans for EVs. Please take a minute to complete. Additionally, any one with specific comments or concerns for the committee is welcome to submit them directly for consideration as this new category continues to gain traction and integration into our events and programs. EV Committee Survey Announcing New Electrified Vehicle Advisory Committee May 3, 2021 at 10:46 AM To show commitment to electric and hybrid vehicles and the enthusiasts who drive them, the SCCA has formed the Electrified Vehicle Advisory Committee (EVAC) to create unified procedures across SCCA programs for Electrified Vehicles (EV). EVs have won major events in SCCA Solo and Time Trials, and major manufacturers have committed to only electric in the future which has created a need for regions and motorsports circuits to have the capacity for the flow of interest EVs are generating. The 9-person committee is being led by SCCA Area 4 Director Dayle Frame—EV [...]

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2021 50-Year Anniversary Members

NER Celebrates 50-Year Anniversaries Traditionally, during our region annual meeting, we take the opportunity to recognize those members that are marking key milestones in their participation and membership with the club. This year, we have 10 members that are passing the half-century mark, with 50-years of membership to SCCA. Six of these members took a few minutes to share their memories of five decades of SCCA. Here's what they had to say. Congratulations to Jane and Bill Goodale, Paul Capel and Linda Fanning as well for their 50-year anniversary. Ron Bartell Wow – fifty years. It seems like yesterday when Ted Goddard helped me with my application at an Autocross in a supermarket parking lot in Great Barrington in 1971. I had already run one event with the SCCA as a non-member in NH, winning my very first ever autocross in a relatively stock bugeye Sprite. But the Great Barrington autocross gave me the ability to drive down the road and see a National at Lime Rock. When I saw all of those Sprites having fun on that iconic track, I thought to myself, “I can do that”. So, I horse-traded for the use [...]

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