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A 21-year SCCA member, Melissa Introne is the current Pit Talk Editor. She has a multi-generational family history with ties to the club. Her father-in-law, Robert Introne Jr., served as the Chairman of the club’s national Board of Directors; her husband, Steve Introne, has raced for over twenty years across the country in Autocross and Road Racing, competing at multiple National Championship events for both; and her three children attend races and are already volunteering at region events. She holds a National Flagging & Communication license, and has served as Crew Chief for her husband’s Autocross and SRF3 racecars.

Under 18 and Wanna Race? Not a problem!

SCCA is for Family It doesn't take long to find a second, or even third-generation of SCCA racers at an event. With a 70+ year history, SCCA has long been an organization that prides itself on being a family, and that includes making sure our younger members have a way to grow up and continue our love of motorsports. Bottom line - kids are welcome at our events. We love seeing smiling, young, enthusiastic faces where we can foster a heart for competition, offer a safe outlet to test their limits, and develop the future racers of tomorrow. Teen Involvement Don't assume you have to be over 21 to compete in SCCA events. NOT THE CASE! In fact, we make it possible for teens as young as 14 to get on track, start competing, and become a part of the action. Whether it's chasing cones on a Solo course, getting a Novice permit for Road Racing or RallyX, setting lap times at Track Nights or Time Trials, or waving flags on corners - there's a lot of ways for teens to get involved. The above chart breaks it down simply. To summarize: Minors under [...]

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Best Seat at the Track: Volunteers

2022 Track Volunteers Needed The 2022 NERRC season is about to begin. The organization, management, and running of these events takes a tremendous amount of manpower, and is done exclusively through our network of club volunteers. BUT WE NEED MORE HELP! With our growing number of competitors, we need even more volunteers to staff all the specialties to ensure events operate efficiently and smoothly, as well as safely. Here's how you can help. BRING A FRIEND Grab a friend, neighbor or family member and bring them with you to the next event. When not watching and cheering on your sessions on track, ask if they'd like to get closer to the action and volunteer for a session or two in one of our specialties. SPREAD THE WORD Our track volunteers get up close to all the action. When sharing your racing stories, also share that non-drivers can still be right in the midst of it all when volunteering at events. POST A FLYER Print off one of the attached flyers and post it at your work, business, or favorite coffee shop. Anywhere people who like having #funwithcars might see it. SHARE THE LINK Share our NER.org/Volunteer [...]

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This Woman Can Do It All!

Written by: James Ray Jennifer Ferreira is a great example of one of our newer club members in the New England Region (NER). She is an experienced road racing competitor, with club racing wins, recipient of the ‘Ma & Pa Philbrick’ Worker-of-the-year” award, and recently elected New England Region SCCA (NERSCCA) board member. Jennifer actively volunteers in many areas to help run the local club and its events! Born in Manchester, barely 30 miles from New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Jennifer attended public schools in nearby Londonderry, received undergrad and graduate degrees at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy (MCPHS) in Boston, and now lives in Milford, NH with her partner Abhi Ghatak. Jennifer is a New Hampshire state certified and licensed Physician Assistant (PA). NERSCCA benefited from her medical expertise during the pandemic with guidance and advice on policies and best practices. When asked about her career choice in healthcare, Jennifer tells the story of breaking her arm as a teenager. She thought orthopedics might be an interesting career choice and shared her interest with the doctor. Her orthopedic surgeon asked if Jennifer intended to continue karting and she replied emphatically, “Yes!” The doctor suggested Jennifer follow [...]

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2022 Women’s History Month Showcase: Kathy Barnes

This March, SCCA’s Women on Track introduce the trailblazers, work horses, and speed demons who have left their marks on SCCA or are watchable role models for kids right now. Follow along as we honor the women at your track, behind the wheel and behind the scenes, and appreciate and thank them for their impact and passion in all areas of the SCCA. Daily posts will be made on the SCCA Women on Track Facebook Page. Jojo Corrales-Kean kicked off NER’s representation in Round 1. Stephanie Reeve was also recognized this week. And now, it's time to shout-out for Kathy Barnes! Kathy Barnes New England Region Steward, SoloRly Registrar, TE/TT Driver Coach Spec, Certified Track Reviewer, etc 50-year member Kathy Barnes is a “Jack” of all trades in SCCA and the model of an ideal member. A 2014 SCCA Hall of Fame inductee, Kathy is well known to SCCA members in many different aspects of competition and is very well respected by her peers. In the Solo community, she has served as Chair of the Solo Events Board, Multi-time Chair of the Solo Nationals events, Chief of Workers for the Solo Nationals, Chair of the Solo Safety [...]

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2022 Women’s History Month Showcase: Stephanie Reeve

This March, SCCA’s Women on Track introduce the trailblazers, work horses, and speed demons who have left their marks on SCCA or are watchable role models for kids right now. Follow along as we honor the women at your track, behind the wheel and behind the scenes, and appreciate and thank them for their impact and passion in all areas of the SCCA. Daily posts will be made on the SCCA Women on Track Facebook Page. Jojo Corrales-Kean kicked off NER's representation in Round 1. Next up is Stephanie Reeve! Stephanie Reeve New England Region RallyCross & Solo 14-year member Besides being an amazing person, Steph is an amazing driver. She has been an accomplished SCCA Pro Solo competitor for many years, even winning a Driving Forward Together ProSolo Contingency in 2021. She also does Karoppi Reports from events. She added RallyCross to her resume a few years ago when a fellow competitor let her drive their car at a local event. She enjoyed it so much, she co-drove at the New England Region’s Rallysprints. That experience built her confidence enough to step up to a full stage rally and ran the New England Forest Rally in [...]

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Formula Hybrid 2022

Formula Hybrid 2022 Tuesday-Thursday, May 3rd - May 5th Volunteer to help run Formula Hybrid Dynamic Events! Since 2005, New England Region SCCA has provided volunteers to help run the Formula Hybrid event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and after taking the past year off due to Covid, we are back on the track, and this tradition continues! Would you like to help run the dynamic test events this year? We are looking for technical and non-technical volunteers! We also have a need for technical inspectors and driver-change worker assistance! The Dynamic events are all the events where the cars are actually on track, and include acceleration and braking events, autocross and the final endurance event! We need YOUR help to run these events successfully! We need setup and breakdown workers, course workers, starters, and timing workers for the autocross event, and setup/breakdown/flaggers for the endurance event! Light breakfast is available on the mornings of event days, lunch each day is provided free at the Checkered Flag restaurant, as well as dinner on Wednesday night. Shared hotel accommodations are available if you are traveling from a distance to attend. The dynamic [...]

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Pit Talk Digital Archives – 8 Decades of NER Records

Cataloging Our History In 2016, Donna Stevens answered the call to organize over 70 years of New England Region SCCA history. Starting in the 1960's, Ted Goddard served as the Region Archivist. But when he passed away, all the materials he collected were left without a comprehensive catalog or way to locate specific items or materials. Donna stepped up to take on this Herculean task and has been hard at work on creating a cohesive inventory and organizational system. Every year at our Annual Meeting, Donna gives the region an update on her progress. To date: Over 3,000 documents have been recorded, preserved, and filed in 50 storage boxes for BOD Administration, Rally, Solo and Racing by date. There are 16 cabinet drawers with a treasured collection of Regional Awards, photos, GCRs and rule book specifications dating back to 1962. We also have regional charters, 520 Pit Talks from 1953 through the 2020 yearbook, trophies, posters, banners and the original NER Bylaws and Articles of Organization and Incorporation. Pit Talk Digitized As part of the archival process, Donna partnered up with Denise Patten on scanning and creating digital copies of all the Pit Talk magazines through the decades. [...]

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