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A 21-year SCCA member, Melissa Introne is the current Pit Talk Editor. She has a multi-generational family history with ties to the club. Her father-in-law, Robert Introne Jr., served as the Chairman of the club’s national Board of Directors; her husband, Steve Introne, has raced for over twenty years across the country in Autocross and Road Racing, competing at multiple National Championship events for both; and her three children attend races and are already volunteering at region events. She holds a National Flagging & Communication license, and has served as Crew Chief for her husband’s Autocross and SRF3 racecars.

CRE – TT – TNiA: Understanding the Differences

When it comes to getting out on a road course, SCCA offers three ways car enthusiasts can experience the fun of driving on a dedicated race track. From the entry level Track Night in America series of events, to Time Trials competitions, and the most recent Club Racing Experience that prepares drivers for full wheel-to-wheel racing action, there are plenty of opportunities and ways to get out and have #funwithcars. However, for those new to SCCA and motorsports, understanding the differences between each of these events may be difficult. So we're here to break it down and make it simple. Two easy to understand charts that quickly answer the questions about what's similar and what's different. Breakdown the Similarities and Differences The one thing all three events have in common is that they are held on dedicated road racing courses. Unlike Rally events that are on rally tracks (dirt and gravel courses) or Autocross events that are typically held on parking lots or airport tarmacs; CRE, Time Trials, and TNiA are all scheduled at tracks like Thompson Speedway, Lime Rock Park, or Palmer Motorsports Park. Beyond that, some aspects of each event may crossover [...]

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SCDA Announced as 2021 NER CRE Title Sponsor

New England Region SCCA announces this season’s Club Racing Experience (CRE) program sponsor is Sports Car Driving Association. Club member and pro-racer Elivan Goulart owns and operates this well-known high performance driving events group. Last year’s sponsor Boston Mobile Tire is returning as the CRE program booster providing valuable gift certificates to all participants. There are four SCDA1.com sponsored CRE events scheduled in 2021: May 1-2 at Palmer Motorsports Park May 15-16 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway August 7-8 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway September 11-12 at Palmer Motorsports Park Welcome SCDA SCDA provides driving enthusiasts an opportunity to experience high performance driving in a safe and controlled environment. SCDA events are strictly driver educational events, and are non-competitive. SCDA welcomes everyone from novices with no track experience, as well as seasoned track drivers and racers. Founded in 1995, the Sports Car Driving Association (SCDA) welcomes everyone from novices with no track experience, to seasoned track day drivers and competition licensed racers. SCDA President Elivan Goulart took on the group’s leadership and continues to grow and expand its offerings, and share his passion as a racer. Starting in karts at the age of 12, [...]

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Building a B-Spec: Part 2

Cages, Seats and Engines When we left JB and Steve before Christmas, the two new B-Spec builders had both acquired their donor vehicles and begun stripping them down to turn into racecars. The ordering frenzy for parts had started, as well as the research on how best to build and fabricate the roll cage and fit a race seat inside the gutted shells. Engine decisions were also looming - stick with the donor stock or rebuild?  Go Local or Ship It Out When it came to choosing a fabricator for the roll cages, both drivers had multiple factors to consider. The convenience of a local shop, or the hassle of transporting to one farther away? Costs, availability, and turn around times? And the extent of what needed to be accomplished? JB opted to stay local and commissioned Flatout Motorsports to do the cage for his Sonic. “The car was sent to Flatout the week of Thanksgiving. The decision to send it to them was all about time. The few installers I talked to said they could not touch it till March so it was an easy decision. We estimated 6-8 weeks, giving [...]

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New for 2021: Driver SCCA Patches

Attention Road Racing Drivers New rules for 2021 require drivers to have a black or white SCCA patch on their driver suit. According to the 2020 SCCA Road Racing General Competition Rules: Under Section 9 Cars and Equipment - 9.3.29 C. SCCA Logo Each driver’s suit shall display one of the official SCCA patch as shown (black or white). It is preferred that the logo be placed on the upper right side of the driver’s suit. The new patch is required as of January 1, 2021. Order Patches and other NER Merchandise Drivers needing to obtain these patches can order them through Donna Stevens. The NER Merchandise Order form is available here. Print, select the items to purchase, and mail directly to Donna. When purchasing the new patches, be sure and check out all the other patches, decals, apparel and lapel pins that are available.

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2021 Solo Schedule

2021 Devens Airfield Autocross Dates The Solo board is excited to announce the confirmed dates for Solo events at Devens Airfield for 2021. Autocrossers can now mark their calendars and begin preparing for the coming season. The current plan is for the 2021 season to run a Points Schedule of events that will determine class champions at the end of the year. Details are still being finalized, but should be available prior to the first event. At this point, no school events are on the schedule, as Covid guidelines make it impractical to host a school at this time. Opportunities for Novice drivers to participate will be available at some point this season, so please reach out to the Solo board with questions on any novice availabilities. SUBJECT TO CHANGE: As we've all become used to over the last year, please note that all Solo events are subject to current state Covid guidelines. We hope to run a full season, but if circumstances change, we will abide by all state regulations. 2021 Solo Event Dates April 4 & 25 May 15 & 29-30 June 13 & 26 July 11 August 1 & 22 September 19 October [...]

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