2019 NER Solo Class Champions

With the completion of the Stirling Moss Runoff event on October 6, the 2019 New England Region Autocross championship series has concluded. Congratulations to each of the individual class champions!

PAX and PRO Champions

The overall PAX Champion for 2019 is Brandon Dean. Last year’s PAX champ, Ryan Field went on to win the PRO Championship for this year. Well done to both of those drivers!

Final Season Event

While the regular season is over, the Solo team has one final event still on the schedule. This Sunday, November 3, will be the TEAM CHALLENGE.

About Team Challenge: The team event is a fun event. All drivers are welcome and awards are being given in the spirit of fun. You do not need to be on a team to register. When you arrive at the event (between 7 & 8 AM), there will be team sign up sheets at the SCCA truck. If you have a team (or even partial team), list it on the team sheets. If you aren’t on a team, there will be a sheet for folks who need to be added to a team. There are 4 drivers per team. The team goal is to have 4 drivers in 4 different classes where each driver wins the class. Class placement by each driver is used to calculate the teams score.

Register for Team Challenge

2019 Stirling Moss Runoff Champion Todd Kean

2019 PAX Champion – Brandon Dean

Photo by James Ray

2019 Solo Class Champions

Street Category

SSC – ‘Solo Spec Coupe’ : Lyle Zyra

AS – ‘A Street’ : Alan Salnikov

BS – ‘B Street’ : Nigel Fenwick

CS – ‘C Street’ : Dan Fillingim

DS – ‘D Street’: Fedja Jeleskovic

ES – ‘E Street’ : Brandon Dean

FS – ‘F Street’ : Dana Nicgorski

GS – ‘G Street’ : David Gott

HS – ‘H Street’ : Josh Brockman

STS – ‘Street Touring S’ : Brian Levesque

STX- ‘Street Touring X’ : William Brundige

STR – ‘Street Touring R’: Brandon Dryer

STU – ‘Street Touring U’ : Oliver Lucier

To view the full list of season points and final PAX results, use the buttons below.

2019 Solo Season Results
2019 PAX Solo Season Results

Prepared Category

SSP – ‘S Street Prepared’ : Jeff Bakken

ASP – ‘A Street Prepared’ : Matthew Mickle

ESP – ‘E Street Prepared’ : Jojo Corrales-Kean

CAMC – ‘Classic American C’ : Bill Cioni

CAMS – ‘Classic American S’ : William Salie

XP – ‘X Prepared’ : Thomas Moore

CP – ‘C Prepared’ : Phil Mackaronis

EP – ‘E Prepared’ : Ben Wagstaff

Modified Category

SM – ‘Street Modified’ : Read Fleming

SSM – ‘Super Street Modified’ : Justin Chen

AM – ‘A Modified’ : Robert Barone

BM – ‘B Modified’ : Jim Garry

CM – ‘C Modified’ : Joshua Parker

DM – ‘D Modified’ : Alex Jackson

KM – ‘Adult Kart’ : John Stanwood

JA – ‘Junior Kart A’ : Kimsoo Gopnik

JC – ‘Junior Kart C’ : Noah Walker