Written by David Bocchichio

Saturday May 15th turned out to be a beautiful day with temperatures in the 70s.  After a wet and rainy event back on April 25th, drivers were excited to see one of the nicest spring days yet. It was great to see over a hundred drivers out to compete on such a beautiful day. 

Street Class

AS had five competitors with 143 Mark Ponusky taking first place in the 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with a 57.191. DS was stacked with 10 drivers and top time went to 93 Steve Twaddle in the 2013 Scion FR-S with a 59.799.  ES had five drivers with first place going to 148 Gavin Williams in the 2004 Toyota MR2 with a 59.094.  FS saw 6 drivers competing with first place going to 74 Dana Nicgorski in the 2018 Ford Mustang GT with a 59.920. GS had seven drivers with fastest time going to 24 Chang Ho Kim in the 2019 Honda Civic with a 59.750.  HS was another large class with 10 drivers and taking top spot was 41 Joseph Lagdao in the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST with a 61.298. 

Street Touring

STH had five drivers with first place going to 74 Brad Fiore in the 2017 Volkswagen GTI with a 58.416.  STS saw 6 drivers competing with 42 Derek White taking first place in the 1988 Honda CRX with a 58.180.  STX had three drivers and 102 Evan LeBlanc took first in his 2015 Scion FR-S with a 56.980.  STR had four drivers with 153 Justin Chen taking top time in the 2006 Honda S2000 with a 56.774.  STU had seven drivers pushing hard and 114 William Koscielny took first in the 2018 Fiat “Fiata” with a 55.940.

Other Results

SSP may have only had one driver but that didn’t stop 147 Shaun Moore frome laying down a fast lap in his Corvette with a 58.050.  CSP saw 134 Sam Creasey and 34 Jack Nguyen Competing against each other in the same 1988 Honda CRX Si, with Jack Nguyen taking first with a 58.320, edging out his co-driver by only 0.146.  ESP saw top time go to 9 Bruce Harrison 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS with a 69.395.  CAMC had three drivers with first going to 15 Vincent Nardone in the 2014 Ford Mustang with a 62.010.  There were three drivers in XP with 47 Thomas Moore taking first in his Corvette with a 61.045. SM saw another drivers battle between 154 Marc Monnar and 54 Matthew Mickle in the same 2007 Subaru STI with 54 Matthew Mickle taking first by 0.749 with a 56.736.  SSM  top time went to 87 Stephen Harrison in the 1987 Toyota MR2 with a 61.755.  AM had William Goodale in his 1998 dragon F1 putting down a 56.276.  XS-A saw driver 71 Read Fleming getting a 61.166 in his 2003 BMW M3. 

Once again our largest class today was our Novice Class with 13 drivers working hard to push their cars and their skills.  Top novice Pax time of the day went to STS 27 Paul Caponetti in his 1990 Mazda miata with a 51.767. In Pro Class there were nine drivers competing for top spot.  First went to with 91 Ryan Field in the 2017 Mazda Miata claiming both top Pax time of the day with a 45.520 but also took the fastest time of the day with a raw time of 55.043. To find out the rest of the results, click here.