2019 continued a strong tradition of #FunWithCars for the New England Region, with events hosted in Road Rally, RallyX, Rally Sprint, Solo, Road Racing, Time Trials, and Track Night in America. If there are people who want to have fun with their cars, we gave them the opportunity to do it.

2019 started out with a very unique opportunity for NER to showcase what we are at the New England International Auto Show in Boston. 9 cars and over a dozen people staffed the event under the coordination of Brian Mushnick. Well over 20,000 people were exposed to our club, and the feedback from the public, as well as the show organizers, was overwhelmingly positive. Thanks go out to Brian as well as everyone else who contributed to the success of the event.

Our Rally program remains a strong part of our offerings in New England, with Road Rally offering up traditional events, as well as contributing to the revival of the Great American Mountain Rally in Saratoga Springs, NY. Many of our traditional RallyX events were held, although there were challenges with sites and weather. Rally Sprint offerings give our members the opportunity to experience Stage Rally type events as well. Thanks go out to the Rally Board for putting on such a great set of events.

Solo had another stellar year with 12 events at Moore Airfield at Devens Air Base bringing in a record number of competitors. They also organized an event in cooperation with SCCNH at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for Racing Against Leukemia which brought the club back together for RAL for the first time in several years. We hope that this is a trend to be able to continue getting all of NER together for RAL in the coming years. Congratulations to Todd Kean on winning the prestigious Sterling Moss Award as well as to all of our class champions.

Road Racing had a great year as well, with 7 events being held on our traditional race weekends. The weather cooperated much better this year than in the previous year, leading to strong attendance at all of the events. For 2020, we have a new event being presented, with a Day/Night regional being held in August at Thompson Motor Speedway. Something for everyone to look forward to. Keep your eyes out for more info.

Finally, a thanks goes out to CART, our partner in presenting a great year of Time Trials events. Together, we even held a National Event at Thompson in July. Great attendance and great feedback from the participants will hopefully lead to another strong year in 2020.

So now, without further ado, I give you the 2019 Pit Talk Yearbook, with articles and results in detail for all of the things that we did this past year. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the great success that we’ve had in 2019, and I look forward to seeing many of you in 2020.