The Rally Board is excited to announce the tentative schedule for 2021 events. Please note, this schedule is NOT FINAL. But these are the proposed dates, so rally participants can begin planning accordingly.

For any questions on the RallyCross/RallySprint schedule, please contact Kathy Moody.

For RoadRally questions, please contact Jon Lamkins.


Jan 16/17 or Jan 23/24


Feb 13 (Back-up Feb 20)



Rochester Fairgrounds

April 24

Mt Snow and Blue Lot

May and June

Additional Events in the Works

There are additional events the Rally team is still working to coordinate. Stay tuned as these may be added to the schedule as well.

Night Owl


Early April



Winter Challenge –  2/27/2021 – REGISTRATION INFO HERE

Frost Heaves  – March 2021

Cape Cod Old Timers Rally – 4/10/2021

Big Lap – May or June 2021

Summer Challenge – 8/7/2021 *

Hurdle – 8/14/2021 *

Rally Against Leukemia – 9/11/2021 *

Witch Way to the Lighthouse – October 2021

Grab Bag Rally – 11/6/2020

* Note: Summer Challenge, Hurdle and RAL dates may swap depending on when and where Racing Against Leukemia is held.