Summer Challenge Road Rally

John Buffum is hosting a TSD / Road Rally starting in Randolph, Vermont on August 1. This is a Time-Speed-Distance road rally and should cover 130 miles over the course of the day and visit 4 different mountain passes!

Event details are here. For questions or additional info, email John directly.

Rally Info

In SCR, the Regularity Sections (RS) (Timed Sections) are spread throughout the day.  They will be from 5-15 miles long; there will be 6-9 Regularity Sections.  At Regularity starts (RSC), you will self-start at 1 minute intervals; you should start at your Due Time (which will be shown on your Time Card), unless you have taken a TA.  You then proceed as normal; you will be penalized for every hundredth you arrive early or late at Hidden Controls; there may be multiple hidden controls throughout each Regularity.

From the end of a Regularity to the start of the next Regularity there are Transit Sections.  In these Sections there are no prescribed speeds to maintain and there will be no set time for the Transit Section.  Driving 10% below the speed limit should get you to the start of each Regularity 4-5 minutes before your Due Time – which is the time you should start each RS.  Your Timecard will show the Due time for car zero and your ideal Due time to start the RS.

In the event, there are a couple of legs requiring extra thought from competitors – these do NOT require extensive rally knowledge – just common sense.  FYI:  The maximum penalty at the hardest control will be 50.  Competitors may find themselves off time – but NOT off course.  However for the most part the rally is a straightforward event.

The route of the whole rally will be approximately 130 miles; there is one break of 1 hour.   The Route Instructions will be by tulips and/or written instructions, with the addition of one, 10 mile map section.  Most all the controls will be by EZ Trak (yellow boxes).  To avoid excessive contact, most paperwork will be done beforehand by email.  The General Instructions will be sent out or posted on the web 10 July.  The first half of the Route Instructions and the Timecard example will be posted or sent out around 25 July.  Questions will be answered by email.

Event Info


Saturday, August 1


Route 66 – Randolph, VT (McDonald’s)


9 am-10 am: Paperwork exchange at McDonald’s
10 am FCO – Finish around 4:30 pm


From I-89, take Exit 4 (Rte 66).
Turn West on Rt 66
McDonald’s (and a quickstop store) is located on your right


SCCA Member $ 50.00
2 Non-Members $ 60.00
Late + $10.00 (after July 20)


Class A: Allows full rally computers and/or extra odos.
Class S: Stock Odometer in stock location or GPS – odo portion only.


Recommend for map reading: Magnifying Glass, Dividers, Compass.

Summer Rally Registration Form