NER Board of Directors: Leaders Wanted

It’s time for the annual nominations for the 2022 New England Region Board of Directors.

Directors are responsible for the decision making processes that surround the overall governance of the club. This includes marketing, communications, and budgeting, as well as reviewing and updating the Operations manual, which sets out the procedures by which the club does business.

NER is looking for members that want to positively impact the operations and functions of this club that they love so much. If you have ever sat and bench-raced with others and said “why do we do it this way, maybe there’s a better way,” running for the BOD allows you to take your ideas and help make them a reality for everyone else to enjoy.


Directors must be members in good standing with the club. Nominations require ten signatures from other members to be placed on the ballot. Elections are held at the Annual Meeting in January. Terms are for 2 years.

BOD meetings are held monthly via virtual Zoom meetings.


Curious about what a director does? Considering throwing your hat in the ring? Reach out to any of the current BOD members to get their advice.


Complete the attached nomination form and submit to George Farrar no later than November 1, 2021. Forms can be emailed or mailed.

2021-2022 Nomination Form