Check out these four new Pyrotect Safety Gear helmets we have available as loaners for participants in this year’s Club Racing Experience (CRE)! Darius Trinka, experienced New England Region SCCAroad racer and proprietor of rabidwraps, graciously custom designed and wrapped the loaner helmets in different colors so we can better keep track of them. These helmets along with HANS devices were obtained using a grant from SCCA Inc. headquarters in Topeka and generous local sponsorship from Dialed in Racing. Providing a loaner helmet and head-and-neck restraint systems is just one of the ways we are helping reduce the cost of experiencing wheel-to-wheel road racing with the New England Region SCCA.

The latest registration details show we have nine participants expected for the Memorial Day Weekend CRE at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, but there is room for a couple more. If you’ve attempted wheel-to-wheel racing in one of the budget enduro racing series or become addicted to track days (HPDE) and want to take it to the next level, the CRE is a great way to learn to race and earn your competition license. This coming weekend is the first of four schedule CRE weekends planned for 2018. For more information about CRE you can look at and feel free to contact chief instructor Peter Morrison (603-493-2109 or if you have questions.

Our CRE sponsor Dialed in Racing is an online retailer of safety gear and performance parts for motorsports enthusiasts. Their assortment of performance and safety products are carefully selected based on quality and functionality. sells the best products to help improve your vehicle’s driving dynamics and help make you a better racer. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook Dialed in Racing. SCCA members receive a 10% discount when purchasing any safety gear online at